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me presento

MensajePublicado:Mié Nov 24, 2021 12:32 am
por CANTI881
hola, me presento, soy nuevo en este foro, me llamo Charly Rivas. Un placer

Re: me presento

MensajePublicado:Vie Nov 26, 2021 5:15 am
por businessmenugui
My dream residence could be very one of a kind from the usual house. i would love to introduce it to you if you are interested in it. 
the shape of my dream residence like a strawberry; the roof if inexperienced, and walls are crimson. 
let’s enter my dream house and look around: it consists of a dwelling-room, a observe-room, a bed room, and a bathroom. the wall of the bedroom is covered with mink, so that i'm able to sleep with a candy dream and sense extra at ease. there are lots of factors in my house ----which includes computers,televisions, telephones, tables, beds, and so on. of path, the cost of my dream residence may be very huge, too. 
how can make my dream come real? we can understand it most effective by our hard operatingn。
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